Jana Kozubková

In 2012, she was awarded the Discovery of the Year award at the Next Wave festival: “an actress and a singer for her commitment, willingness and ability to connect various independent music and theater projects while retaining personal and expressive originality, provocativeness and immediacy”.

In 2015, journalist Richard Koníček wrote the following in his review of the performance Čechov’s Racek (at D21 Theater):

 “Jana Kozubková has already shown a lot on D21 boards. And with everything on stage, she obviously likes and is good at it. In addition to being malleable, she has a portion of humor that allows her to shed without losing her dignity (teacher and mim Ctibor Turba would certainly be happy with her), she can both impress and entertain. Its multitalent gives it in places a drastic ease of playing without inhibitions or cramps. And it basically supplemented everything that was supposed to be and couldn’t be in a chamber drama. More characters. The mournful, the grotesque, the shocking, and she added singing and unmistakable gestures. It can be seen that the experience of many small scenes and ensembles (Theater Studio Továrna, Mezery,o.s., Disk Theater, Theater Na zábradlí, MeetFactory, Experimental Space NoD, Puls Theater, Venuše ve Švehlovce and Palac Akropolis) as well as experience from D21 make yours. ”

In 2018, she was selected with four other musicians in a song audition called O ptáka noha which was dusted and awakened by the Free Lonely Singers Association after years. The jury, composed of musicians and music publicists (Jan Burian, Anna Masatova, Antonin Kocabek, Petr Vasa and Petr Linhart), chose the five entries that attracted her most (often by all five votes and always by an absolute majority).

Jana Kozubková composes her own songs and lyrics that she sings with guitar and by using effects.

“Poetic compositions by singer-songwriter Jana Kozubková on the border of folk and chanson, they have the experience of their author on the stage of alternative forms of theater, a kind of extraordinary charisma and disarming fragility, as observant as lyrical. She does not convince, does not stir, but it is all the more good to listen intently to what she sings. ” (Wrote about her music publicist Antonín Kocábek.)

She is also the author of music for several theater performances, most recently for the theatre play Černá voda  which is performed in the Prague Theater D21.

She is currently working on her debut album.